Friday, March 1, 2013

A good cause

I guess everyone has their favourite charities... I know I do, but I also like to support charities referred to me by others. Just this past week I've made 3 donations to causes that I perhaps wouldn't otherwise have supported.

The first is Garvan Institute. When I first went to make this donation I didn't actually realise it was the Garvan Institute. I wanted to support Love your sister and that is their chosen charity.
In case you haven't heard in the media, Sam Johnson (actor, unicyclist) is unicycling across Australia to raise funds for cancer research and to honour his sister Connie who has terminal cancer. I was so inspired I had to make a contribution to support them. So far they have raised $83,000 and Sam has unicycled 678km

The second is the Juvenile Diabetes Walk. There was a link on Facebook to support one of the students at my kids school who has diabetes and is doing the walk with her Mum. It was a no-brainer to support her, knowing they are doing this to help find a cure for something that affects them every day.

The third was a memorial donation. A lady, Tracy, who I follow and follows me on twitter passed away last week after a battle with cancer. I didn't know Tracy personally but twitter is a funny place and you find these people you follow and feel like you have a connection to them. Tracy actually met her partner on twitter...what a beautiful love story they had. I was sad to hear of her passing so when I saw a tweet suggesting the Australian Cancer Research Foundation as somewhere you could make a memorial donation I decided to do it.

So, yesterday was Rare Disease Day... I heard about it late in the day but as I watched the news coverage of two boys who are the only two in the whole world to suffer the disease that they have, it made me think that I wanted to support a charity that supports or researches causes, diseases or illnesses with a lower profile... so that will be my focus for March...I'll begin with AGSA ...and also support some other, lesser known charities... feel free to suggest some...

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