Monday, May 25, 2015

An Open Letter to Ron D Moore

Hi Ron & Maril,

Thanks for taking on the 'Outlander' project.
Thanks for bringing my favourite book/s to life.
Thanks for some awesome casting choices.
Thanks for allowing me to introduce my husband and other friends / family to the wonderful world created by Diana Gabaldon.
Thanks for involving the incredibly talented Terry Dresbach in costuming. She rocks.
Thanks for engaging Bear McCreary. His musical contributions are perfect.
Thanks for exploring a wider view of the novels; beyond Claire's view.
Thanks for daring to go where others never have...that we have never seen breastfeeding on television before Outlander is incredible.

Basically, thanks.
Keep on creating a wonderful, thoughtful television series that honours an incredible literary series.
Oh, and if anyone else writes to you suggesting they speak for me or other book fans, they don't.


Edited to include co executive producer, and generous interactor with fans, Maril Davis, and apologies for not including her originally despite knowing she is instrumental in this production.