Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The day lunches were forgotten

I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago and never hit publish for some reason...
Re-reading it makes me think...this is borderline typical of my everyday...

I had one of those days today. Woke a little earlier and saw that the weather was nice so decided to get a few loads of washing done. Noticed that the clothing on the clothes horse had dried so I started to fold them. Kids got up, ate their breakfast and started getting dressed. Dishwasher needed emptying. In the back of my mind I was writing a blog post for the @nofibs website. I think I knew what I wanted to write so I was running those ideas through my head. Kids were busy, noisy, lots of craziness, as per usual. I also have a uni application half written, deadline is next week. Ideas for that kept floating to the surface too. This is all normal. Lots of crazy, busy half ideas floating in my brain while I deal with the everyday.  Must remember lunch with an old friend. That’s right, need to be out the door earlier than usual so I can drop the car off for new tyres. Better get in the shower. Half way through it dawns on me that I haven’t made the kids lunches. Eeek. Panic sets in. I make lunches every day – how did I just let that slip? I call out to my kids to write out a lunch order. Much excitement. Maybe it would have been easier to quickly throw together a sandwich, but they’re in the groove now. Pie or sausage roll? Can I have a drink too?  Look for change, rummage through the bottom of my handbag, hoping a gold one emerges instead of all these 5 cent pieces. Raid one of the kids money boxes. Time is really ticking now. We need to get out the door.
Drop the three kids at their two different locations and then back to drop the car for its tyres. Walk toward the primary school via home. Must check if someone put the dog out. They did, but forgot to lock the back door. Leave again to head to school and remember I need to return a costume lent to me by another Mum. Back track again. All sorted. Arrive at the school to help cut fruit. Feel like I’ve run a marathon and it's just gone 9am. Brain full to capacity but haven’t really done much.

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